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It's a good trade experience. I came to China to ensure it's a manufacture. Luckily, it''s a good factory with their own equipment and good product.

—— David Farnell

That's why i like cooperation with these old factories, 30 years produce experiences. Yes, they are professional and efficiency. Good work!

—— Jack Sameuls

The fence is good, It's hot slaes in our area, lots of people buy it to decorative their yard. And it looks really beautiful.

—— Van Voorthuizen

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Black Wire Garden Fence Panels 50x100 , Garden Fence Wire Mesh 1.73*2.5

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Chi tiết sản phẩm
tài liệu: dây đen Đường dây: 3,0-6,0mm
Lưới thép: 50x100 xử lý bề mặt: Phun sơn
Kích thước: 1,73 * 2,5

3D Curved Wire Mesh 50x100 Fence Highway Residential Fence Garden fence

Characteristic & Description

Extraordinary and fashionable design, convenient installation, hith strong quality.


The panels are welded by high quality cold drawn steel wire, after hot dipped galvanized or weld the panel


with cold drawn wire directly, then to be galvanized. With the galvanized wire panels, it needs to inspect


the zinc layer and others, only the ligible items could be coated. It includes the powders sprayed coating


or PVC/PE dipped coating. Then the products could last 15 years.


The panels with bends can make it more stable and stronger.


Popular Specifications:

Wire Dia. Mesh Size Panel Width Panel Height Fold No. Post's Height Post Model
Fix I Fix II














630mm 2 0.9 0.7






830mm 2 1.2 0.9
1030mm 2 1.4 1.1
1230mm 2 1.6 1.3
1430mm 2 1.8 1.5
1530mm 3 1.9 1.6
1630mm 3 2.0 1.7
1730mm 3 2.2 1.8
1930mm 3 2.4 2.0
2030mm 4 2.5 2.1
2230mm 4 2.8 2.3
2430mm 4 3.0 2.5

Fix I: Buried in the ground. Fix II: Installed with bottom base or feet.

Black Wire Garden Fence Panels 50x100 , Garden Fence Wire Mesh 1.73*2.5


Design Advantage:

Extraordinary and fashionable design, convenient installation. The fence panels are jointed with the post without any clamps, and it is easy and convenient. It could insert into the sew of concrete base of 40mm width. Usually there is the plastic caps on the top of the post. The upper examine and repair is very easy, and the posts are easy to replace.

High Anti-Corrosion:

Using high quality iron rod as raw material, the welded panel, after galvanization, powders primer, and powders top coating, it can resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation very strongly.

Surface Treatment Min. Max.
Electric Galvanized 20 g/m2 60 g/m2
Hot dipped Galvanized 35 g/m2 700 g/m2
Powders Sprayed Coating 100 microns 120 microns
PVC/PE Dipped Coating 400 microns 600 microns

Range of Application:

Road and transit(highway, railway, road, city transit)

Science & Industry Zone(factory, industry zone, sightseeing zone, new pattern farm)

Private grounds(courtyard, villadom)

Public grounds(park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn)

Commercial grounds(corporation, hotel, supermarket)

Black Wire Garden Fence Panels 50x100 , Garden Fence Wire Mesh 1.73*2.5

Company Profile:

Welcome to visit our factory

Our company was founded in 1989, having some son companies, including wire-drawing, mesh-welding, mesh-weaving, galvanizing, PVC-coating and so on. As a leading manufacturer and self exporter, we hope to establish long, friendly business relations with you in future, with our full sincerity and confidences.


Our company passed through the ISO9001:2000 quality controlling. Satisfied Service to our clients always is what we do firstly, together with our perfect management, competitive price, good quality of goods and advanced equiment. We have full confidence in our cooperation in future.


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Anping Xinlong Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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Tel: +8615610833907

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